Manicure Services

Classic Manicure: $15 

Mineral soak, nail shaping, cuticle maintenance, massage, warm towels applied to hands, then polish of choice.

Deluxe Manicure: $25 

This manicure includes everything in the classic manicure plus sugar scrub, mask with a warm towel applied to hands and massage cream to moisture then polish.

Gel Manicure Color: $25 
Gel Manicure French: $30 

Pedicure Services

Basic Pedicure (25-30 mins) $25 

Salt soak, trim, shape, buff nails, pumice heels. sugar scrub, moisturizing massage, a hot towel and choice of regular polish.

Callus Remover Treatment $5 
Basic Pedicure +Callus Remover $30 
Voesh Deluxe Pedicure (35-40 mins) $40 

Voesh Pedicure combination that activates deep detox with a fun bubbing. This luxury pedicure also includes exfoliating sugar scrub. collagen cream mask and creamy college massage lotion: made with organic-based ingredients. An anti-aging treatment for your feet sooks in with our varieties of afferent flaws.

Choose your scents: 

1. Jasmine   2. Cucumber    3. Charcoal 

4. Orange    5. Green Tea    6.Lavender

Hot Stone Treatment Pedicure (45 mins) $45 

This is a spa pedicure extended with a lengthy hot stone massage to ease tiredness and promote better circulation in your legs. This pedicure includes: callus remover, sugar scrub, mask lotion and mainly hot stone massage, Hot-stone pedicures can also increase energy levels, as well as help you relax and soothe your nerves.

Peppermint Pedicure (45 mins) $45 

Rejuvenates tired, aching feet and legs. Feet are soaked in a warm foot bath cuticles are trim, nails shaped, buffed, callus remover, sugar scrub, ice cooling gel mask, lotion and mainly hot stone massage on fired feet and coves ending with a warm towel. Peppermint Spearmint and menthol work to deliver cooling moisture to your sore spots with sweet-smelling freshness, Tired feet and calves with thank you for this.

Collagen Spa (50-55 mins) $55 

Relieve stress with natural sugars and oils to boost the Vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, while collagen diminishes Ines and wrinkles leaving skin younger-looking and feeling smooth. Included 5 steps:

Collagen: • Bubble crystals  • Sugar cane scrub 

• Cream mask  •Hot Stone  • Muscle-relaxing gel 

• Massage lotion 

• Sock-rich emulsion to penetrate & moisturize the skin.

Choose your scents: 

1. Crystal Waters   2. No 5 Perfume 

3. Luxury Pearl      4. Lavender & Lace

Lotus Signature Pedicure (1 Hour) $65 

Features Peci in a Box 5 Step to treat yourself with luxury. This service includes a therapeutic fizzy soak exfoliating sugar scrub, purifying clay mask, hot stone massage, lotion and restoration serum, paraffin sock to moisturize and soften the skin.

Choose your scents: 

1. Lotus-Delicate  2. Pink Peony beautiful 

3. Red Wine-Rejuvenate

Nails Enhancements

Pink and White $45 +
Pink and White Fill In $35 +
Pink Fill In Only $25 +
Acrylic Full Set $25 +
Acrylic Full Set w Gel Color $40 +
Acrylic Fill $20 +
Acrylic Fill With Gel $35 +
White Tip $30 
Overlay Full $30 
Overlay Fill $20 +
Liquid Gel Full Set $45 +
Liquid Gel Fill $35 +

Dipping Powder

Dipping Color $35 
French $40 
Ombre $50 
Tip Extensions Add $5 +

Kids 10 & Under

Manicure $10 
Pedicure $20 
Mani + Pedi $28 

(Free design on 2 fingers)

Polish Change Hand: 5 $5 
Polish Change Feet: 7 $7 

Additional Services

Shellac Gel add to any services:
Gel color $15        French $20
Buff Shine $5       French polish $5
Nail Repair $5     Coffin Change $5
Nail Design $5+  Coffin Shape $5+
UV Gel Sealers on Acrylic $5 
Gel Shellac Soak Off + Shape $10 
Nail Acrylic Removal $10 
Tip Extensions add $5 +
Extra Long $5 
Polish Change Hands $8 
Polish Change Feet $10 
French Polish Change Hands $10 
French-Polish Change Feet $12 
Gel Polish Color Change Hands $20 
Gel Polish Color Change Feet $20 
Gel Polish Change French Hand $25 
Gel Polish Change French Feet $25 
Paraffin Treatment Hands $8 
Paraffin Treatment Feet $15 
Collagen Gloves Hands $7 
Collagen Gloves Feet $8 
Nail Design 2 Fingers $7 +
Diamonds 2 Fingers/Toes $6 +
Chrome $15 
Cat Eye $10 
Extra Massage 5 mins $5 
Extra Massage 10 mins $10 
Extra Massage 15 mins $15 

Waxing & Facials

Eyebrows $10 
Lip $6 
Chin $10 
Underarms $20 +
Sideburn $15 
Full Face $30 
Half Arms (elbow down) $25 
Full Arms $35 +
Half Legs (knee down) $30 +
Full Legs $55 +
Feet and Toes $20 
Bikini $30 +
Brazilian $55 +
Back $45 +


Eyebrows $15 
Eyebrows + Wax $25 


Individual Full Set $120 
Fill In $50 
Flare Eyelash $35 


Half Hour $35 

This relaxing mini facial is designed to cleanse, steam, hydrate and tone. Also, an excellent treatment before make-up application.

One Hour $60 

A concentration on cleansing, steaming, exfoliating dead skin cells, massage, toning and moisturizing. A must for clear, glowing skin.